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sterling and turquoise cuff bracelet
Sterling Turquoise Bracelet
turquoise stone
custom sterling dollar cuff
Silver Dollar Cuff
Sterling Dollar Bracelet
Sterling Nevada Bolo
custom sterling dollar pendant
Sterling & Silver Dollar Bolo
custom sterling and turquoise pendant
Custom Sterling & Turquoise Pendant
custom sterling and dollar money clip
Sterling Money clip with Dollar
Custom Belt Buckles

Create your own design,  14K gold, silver coins ,

 company logos, or stones!

         Black onyx, Turquoise,  Carnelian, Amethyst,  Aventurine, Citrine, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite and  more!


Beautiful Turquoise Cabochons
custom sterling turquoise and dollar cuff
IMG_2934 (2).jpg
Sterling neck collars
IMG_2935 (2).jpg
custom engraved zippo lighter
Zippo Lighter
custom sterling and dollar money clip
Sterling Money Clip w/ Dollar
custom sterling and dollar cuff
custom hand scrolled sterling money clip
custom hand scrolled cuff bracelet
Custom Sterling Cuff Bracelet
Custom Engraved Sterling
Sterling Cuff Bracelet w/ Dollar
Sterling Silver Money Strap with initial bar
custom sterling letter opener with dollar
Sterling Letter Opener with Morgan Silver Dollar
Turquoise & Sterling Bolo
custom sterling hand scrolled key chain
Custom Designed Key Chain
custom scrolled sterling dollar bolo
Silver Dollar Bolo or Pendant
custom engraved steling key chan
Customer designed Sterling Keychain
custom hand scrolled money strap
Sterling Dollar Key Chains
custom steling dollar money clip
Sterling Silver Dollar Money Clip

Our limits are ones imagination!

  Phone 775-626-8884 or email :

                            P.O. Box 17137   Reno, NV  89511 

Sterling Money Strap
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