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..Attached is a picture of my father on Christmas day opening  his gift! He is just so happy with the Nevada Bolo tie, you can see that smile, he had to put it on right away! I was so glad to find you still in Reno!  Will be ordering those key chains we talked about! Thanks and talk to you real soon!     B. Taylor, Ore

     Hi B. Taylor, loved that picture, thanks for sharing! Now he has his Carson City, NV memory, so glad you let us be a part of your Christmas!  Thank you!


..My mom and dad bought all us kids a dollar key chain once we got our drivers license, now I am doing the same with my kids, two more to go! Thank you for still making them and still beautiful, just like mine!  Carla, FL

                     Your very welcome Carla, they have been a favorite for many years! Thank You!

..Didn't know whether my husband would wear a belt buckle but he just loves it and wears it all the time!  Tell your silversmith how pleased I am at how nice it turned out ,  Loretta M,  AZ  

            Hi Loretta, glad he is enjoying his buckle and I always share customer comments. All of us here love to hear from our customers, it really makes our day! Thank you! 

My family commissioned The Westerner Silver Shop to design some items for our family.  My father, who recently passed,  had collected silver dollars and we wanted to do a tribute to the family name, which means oak tree.  We wanted something for the children, grandchildren and 7 great grandsons using the silver dollars.  We worked with Susan and came up with several different designs, belt buckles, money clips, bracelets, pendants and necklaces.  Susan made suggestions and worked with us during this process and allowing us to change design elements as we went through the production.  All the items are amazing!  The family members were each given their item with the silver dollar, oak tree and their individual initials.  Everyone was thrilled with the quality of the work and the beautiful “piece of art” each now owns, as well as now owning a family heirloom.  I have attached a picture of some of the beautiful items.  I would highly recommend the Westerner Silver Shop if you want custom design work done.  Thank you Susan for your efforts on behalf of our family. Virginia, Reno, NV

     Oh Virginia, thank you so very much for that very flattering letter, you are so kind.  I can't tell you how much I enjoyed working with you and being a part of this very special tribute to your family from such generous and

obviously loving parents...Thank You!

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